Twitter: @NicXnation Well it's finally here... "Tryna Get Home" is the newest project to be released from NicX. Since this is an EP it only consists of 6 tracks which 2 of the tracks "Crack Cleveland" & "Flight 319" have been released as singles and "Take It" was released with a visual. I listened to this project earlier in the morning to prep for an exam and I found myself engulfed in the instrumentals this project had along with NicX flow over each track. Each track took me into a different part of NicX life getting to see the world through his eyes... Some of the real stand out tracks to me were "Posers," "Flight 319," & "Detours." These tracks just stood out for the beats and the subject matter NicX was addressing! If you compare this project to anything NicX released a year ago you can definitely hear a clear difference in his whole sound which is truly amazing to see how he makes it work. "Tryna Get Home" can be streamed below, also on Apple Music, and can be purchased here! Author: Bobby Booshay bifc