Twitter: @NicXnation NicX is no longer on a hiatus. His new video was just premiered on FADER and it WILL get you excited for what's to come from this Cleveland native.
Write up via FADER NicX isn't showing any mercy in the chilling video for "Take It." The nimble Cleveland and Atlanta raised rapper gets into some unlawful behavior when he and his crew wreak havoc on a target. The visual produced by Justin Dunnigan, encapsulates NicX's refrain on the chorus of the song "I hate it but I gotta take it." After a night of crime, the outlaws don't shy away from the sunlight as they walk the streets the next day, unafraid of the being caught. Over email, NicX told The FADER, "I was working two jobs at the time in Atlanta and I was stressed about it and also stressed about not having enough good music to listen to because my favorite artists weren't dropping any or they were trying to make music that catered to what others were making." He continued, "So I decided to make something that would take the torch from them. The video showcases a whole new class of music creators and how we are claiming territory from the old guard." NicX's EP Tryna Get Home is out December 9. bifc