Twitter: @NefertittiAvani Nefertitti Avani showcases the video for her songs "One for the Bottles" and "Feel Surreal." Two songs and two videos in one. I have to say I really didn't know what to expect when I watched the video and listened to these songs. The first part of the video is a throwback to 50's clubs and black n white. Nefertittis singing is what really blew me away. The softness of her voice just put me in a certain zone that I can't explain. Not to mention her beauty. Then with the next track out of NO WHERE Nefertitti Avani comes spitting some fast bars. Another thing that caught me off guard... I was expecting more singing, but the rapping just added to her persona and how fast it could change. Check out her website below where you can find more of her music and download these songs.

Nefertitti Avani Music

NicX Sun

Click the image above to listen to NicX's new track titled "The Sun" featuring 6LACK.