I'm From Cleveland has compiled a list of 50 very dope videos released in 2016 by Cleveland rappers and singers. You've most likely heard of many of these artists. However, we wouldn't be surprised if you got hip to some new ones too! There is no particular order in this list, it's simply a collection of dope videos that we think people should be hip to! Check it out below!

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Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello - Bad Things

Machine Gun Kelly tops off the list of best videos with the biggest song he's released during his entire career. It features Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello whose vocals perfectly compliment the Young Gunner's. The pair have seen amazing success as the song charted #1 on iTunes, and even rose into Billboard's Top 10.

Ezzy - Goodbye

Ezzy's song and video for "Goodbye" come off of the tracklist for the movie The Land, which was a Sundance Festival favorite before releasing in select theaters during the summer of 2016. The story that Ezzy is able to tell about where he grew up and his aspirations for a better life will touch viewers' hearts in ways that many other artists are failing to do nowadays.

Kid Cudi ft. Pharrell Williams - Surfin'

"Surfin" was among the first singles that Kid Cudi released from his album Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin. Pharrell produced the track, and also offers vocals towards the end of the song. The star-studded video includes cameos from A$AP Rocky, Willow & Jaden Smith, and fellow Cleveland rapper King Chip.

Marcus Alan Ward - Little Sunshine

The creativity of Marcus Alan Ward is hard to match. He's an artist that never fails to deliver amazingly eccentric content. The beauty of the song "Little Sunshine" is represented by black-and-white visuals that jump around the screen as he sings and plays his guitar.

Ripp Flamez - Wavez

"Wavez" reached over 1 million streams on Spotify in 2016. The video takes Ripp Flamez outside of Cleveland where the sun shines often and there are views of the ocean waves splashing on the shore, perfectly matching the vibes of the track.

King Chip - Brand New Hoes

King Chip only dropped two official videos during 2016. "Brand New Hoes" is undeniably comedic and brilliant. Chip showcases his ability to rap (as opposed to his often-showcased singing skills) while keeping viewers extremely entertained. The other video he released is called "Destroy," and it features Fredo Santana.

Rob Roa - Rehab With Johnny

Rob Roa's video imitates the reports of Johnny Manziel partying in Las Vegas disguised wearing a blonde wig, a fake mustache, and glasses. We expect that you'll watch this video more than one time.

Lil Cray - I Got It

"I Got It" was one of Lil Cray's more popular songs, but he had many of them! It was the perfect track to create a video for, as they use a Purge-themed concept which matches the lyrics to the song.

Shawn Reyez - Breaking News

Shawn Reyez is arguably the least-known artist among the others in this article. Why? We have no idea! In a city like Cleveland, which no one can deny faces daily struggles, we need leaders to stand up and speak on issues that can advance the well-being of all our lives. He addresses how a real man provides for his family, some of the struggles living in the hood, and much more.

Ray Jr. - Biggie

Ray Jr.'s hit "Biggie" saw most of its success in 2015, but the video was released this past year. The song was a true anthem as it got put into rotation on Shade 45 and radio stations across the US. It also received over 1,000,000 plays on his Soundcloud. There's denying the success of this track and video.

Doe Boy - Letter To Future

Doe Boy's video "Letter To Future” is a heart-felt message to not only Future, but also all members of his team, family, friends, and also his fans!

Machine Gun Kelly - All Night Long

Machine Gun Kelly's relationship with Mod Son has continued to grow closer, and no one can be mad at their work together. The visuals for "All Night Long" were directed by Mod Son, which may remind you of the popular "Sail" video MGK released in 2014. Instead of having MGK take over the entire list, we included his other General Admission visuals to #4. "Alpha Omega" | "Spotlight"

Zack Knight ft. Rami Beatz - Ya Baba

Rami Beatz is listed as an artist on Zack Knight's extremely successful track "Ya Baba" which he produced alongside Dot Da Genius. He doesn't make an appearance in the video. The video is currently sitting at over 7 million views on YouTube.

Bankie iZ - Why

In this hazy purple lit video Bankie iZ is seen alone throughout the video for "Why" with the mood of the song and video seeming almost as a self reflection.

BSmoothBoys ft. Dub-O - Let Me See It

BSmoothBoys provide a great RnB vibe in their track “Let Me See It,” and Dub-O comes in to spit the last verse. You’ll have to play this track for the ladies. They’ll go crazy over it.

Marv - Mannie Fresh

Cleveland rapper, Marv, pays homage to The Big Tymers in his new Clockwork produced track titled “Mannie Fresh.” This song is the perfect combination of old school and new school. Everything from the beat to Marv’s flow is very catchy.

Joei Razook - Started Off

Joei Razook's trippy song is accompanied by ELEVATOR visuals where he vibes out in the wilderness. We're glad that this track ended up getting a video.

MC Tae - Not Now!!

MC Tae throws it back to the 70’s in his visual titled “Not Now!!” The Cleveland rapper talks about pushing through obstacles and not giving up; hence the title.

Doe Boy - Doe Boy Home

The release of this video "Doe Boy Home" was a proud moment for rap fans. The Freebandz-signed Cleveland rapper Doe Boy was locked up and everyone was waiting for him to get out.

Tony Tru ft. Pooh Gutta & P The Artist - 3 A.M.

Tony Tru's song features both Cleveland artists Pooh Gutta & P The Artist. However, neither of them make an appearance in the video. Regardless it is a very dope song and video.

Lauren Lanzaretta - See To Believe

"See To Believe"is a very powerful record that Lauren Lanzaretta presents using her various talents in singing, dancing, and playing basketball. It is a must see visual!

Bibi Bourelly ft. Earl St. Clair - Perfect

Earl St. Clair, previously known as producer JP Did This 1, is the feature on this video. This man has been killing it, and his contribution on Bibi Bourelly's video "Perfect" is a testament to that.

Ray Jr. ft. Young Dolph - Floatin'

Floatin” is a stand out track from Ray Jr.’s project Gold Packs. The Cleveland rapper links up with Young Dolph for the official music video which was a WorldStar exclusive.

Leericole - Alone

Leericole is doing it all on his track "Alone" He sings on the hook and raps on the verses. He really shows his versatility, along with his ability to address real problems in a track such as black issues, incarceration, homelessness, struggle, the government, & poverty.

Alex Angelo - Figured it Out

As soon as the first note hits, Alex Angelo effortlessly draws in his listeners with his smooth, natural sounding voice and his catchy melodic lyrics in his newest video “Figured It Out.” The video keeps the viewers attention by going back and forth from the process of making the song in the studio to Alex enjoying a beautiful and sunny country day. No people, no skyscrapers, no paparazzi, just nature and music.

Kipp Stone - Cult Classic

“The idea behind the ‘Cult Classic’ video was to show where I’m from, East Cleveland, Ohio. We wanted the video to look rugged and somewhat nostalgic. You really don’t see people drinking 40’s in videos anymore, so that, along with using an old television added to the vibe I think.” “I compare myself to Cult Classics because most works of art that is considered ‘Cult Classic’ tends to be well known, but not always that popular,” he added. “It still gets the respect all while still flying a little under the radar. Simply put, I don’t do it for the fame as much as I do it for the art.” – Kipp Stone

Lorine Chia - I Just Want To Live

“As Nina Simone once said it is our duty as artists to reflect the times. I saw the “State of Grace” video by Talib Kwali and instantly got inspired. I knew Dreambear was the team to help me with this one. Dani is an such amazing artist. I wanted to showcase our present times. I live in constant fear that I or someone close to me could be the next victim of police brutality or racial profiling and all I want to do is just live.” - Lorine Chia

Shuicide Holla ft. Young Shank & Preme - Hit Dem Folks

Shuicide Holla‘s SMASH HIT “Hit Dem Folks” has been featured in viral videos including YouTube, Vines, and any other social media platform you can think of gaining the attention of millions of listeners. It also features Young Shank & Preme.

Ray Jr. - Let Us Pray

In this track "Let Us Pray," Ray Jr. discusses the incidents of police violence and the social injustices that not only Cleveland faces, but also the entire US. SceneAmatix harnesses what this song is about in the visual integrating news footage, a protest video at the beginning and much of the Cleveland streets.

Stalley - Ball

Although from Massillon, it's hard to deny Stalley recognition when he represents Ohio on the level he does as an MMG artist. Aside from that, he is always routing on all of Cleveland's sports teams. Need an example? Catch him hitting The Finals at The Q to shoot the video for "Ball."

Joey Aich - GED 7249

Joey Aich is always creative with his music and he keeps that trait with the release of the video for his song “GED 7249.” Very dope concept, and you'll catch a wave of different characters that Joey displays.

Lost Tribe - Ego

Lost Tribe's video for "Ego" is just as turnt as the song. Name a Lost Tribe song that isn't a banger..

NicX - Take It

NicX was stressed because he didn't have enough good music to listen to at the time he created "Take It". His favorite rappers weren't living up to his expectations.
He said the following about the video, "The video showcases a whole new class of music creators and how we are claiming territory from the old guard.”

Ripp Flamez - LeBron Flamez

The Cleveland Cavaliers' Championship victory had the city uplifted. Ripp Flamez continued the celebration with dope footage from the celebration at the parade downtown.

Doe Boy ft. Ripp Flamez – Lifestyle (Video)

Ripp Flamez can be found just about everywhere now. Doe Boy recruits him for the song & WorldStar exclusive video to "Lifestyle." Take a trip to their hood in the video for this banger.

Ray Jr. ft. Ripp Flamez - NozeBleedz

"NozeBleedz" was a collaboration we've been waiting for. Ray Jr. & Ripp Flamez are among the most popular artists from Cleveland, so it was only right for them to put something together. The song is about how strong women should hold themselves high & embrace themselves. The video also features footage from Ray’s recent marriage.

Alex Angelo - Stay Like This

Alex Angelo has never once slowed down during his career. His evolution from a kid to what is now becoming a young adult has been truly amazing to witness. In the video for the catchy tune "Stay Like This" you'll find him putting his dance moves to use.

Lost Tribe - Worry

"Worry" is just one of the few catchy bangers that Lost Tribe released within the last year. It was a good decision to put out a dope visual for this one.

Kid Cudi - Frequency

Kid Cudi directed the video for "Frequency" himself, which depicts himself groovin' to his own vibes in a dark forest. These visuals definitely reflect the direction he took in creating the sound of this song.

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Chief Keef - Young Man

"Young Man" was the first single released off of Machine Gun Kelly's up-coming album, which we do not have a title or release date for yet. He recruited the street heavy-weight youngion Chief Keef and together they made a banger. MGK's daughter makes some very notable appearances, as well as the EST crew and other familiar Cleveland faces.

Ripp Flamez ft. BFA Bleed - PayBack

"PayBack" was being played everywhere. It's still a great song, but Ripp Flamez has continued to release so many tracks worthy of lot's of attention that its almost like a throwback already. The banger includes a verse from fellow-Cleveland rapper BFA Bleed.

Murdah 1 ft. Fetty Wap - How Many

Murdah 1's track "How Many" is an anthem about the loyalty and code of the streets. The video has seen great exposure, which in part can be credited to him getting a huge feature from Fetty Wap.

Nuke Franklin - 50/50

Nuke Franklin goes off on his track "50/50." The video takes you inside the young MC's life with an intense plot.

Ben West & Tezo - Warning

The dark vibes captured by Yung Pedro in Ben West & Tezo's video "Warning" reflect the song perfectly. The end results of two OG's linking up is never a disappointment.

Vello - Shine

"Shine" is a Mitch Mula produced song which serves as a love ballad for Vello's crush. This Frankie Gallo directed video captures a really dope concept and story.

Fly Tye - Stylin'

Fly Tye is showing everyone how he's "Stylin" in his video which takes you from different scenic views varying between the woods and a rooftop in the city. Fly Tye also dropped off a dope video "Sampson," which was released after this list of dope videos had been created.

Shuicide Holla ft. Bei Sims - Higher Learning

Shuicide Holla links up with Cleveland rapper Bei Sims for a dope Ced Lynch visual. Shuicide Holla continues showing why he's been categorized as one of the most lyrical artists during his run as a rapper from Cleveland.

Jerreau - Really Got It

Jerreau isn't from Cleveland. The Columbus rapper's song was heard on LeBron's snapchat where it first starting gaining lots of attention. The song became somewhat of a theme for the Cavaliers as they made their journey through the playoffs, which we all know led to an eventual Championship. He performed "Really Got It" during halftime of Game 4 of The Finals and the song was also featured in a LeBron James x Beats commercial. DJ Steph Floss and DJ Meel both make cameos in the video as well!

Lorine Chia - Only One

This video for "Only One" takes you alongside Lorine Chia in the middle of the woods as she sings her soul out. The song appeared on her EP ONO.MATO.POEIC produced entirely by Slade Da Monsta.

Paper Paulk ft. Cheri Coke - Summertime Grind

Paper Paulk comes out with a video to his E.N.O.N produced banger titled “Summertime Grind” which features the beautiful Cheri Coke. The feel-good record is a nice summer-time record which is accompanied by an iced out, champagne popping video.