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Mediocre is a story very familiar to Mitto. Growing as a artist, fighting for the credibility and the acceptance of others didn't come easy. Hardest part was going from being seen as another kid with a laptop, mic and a dream, to someone who was really doing it and making moves. He knew people saw that he was putting in the work but felt like he still lacked credibility as an artist. He felt disrespected by his own community. People gave a lot of feedback on his work and he learned from it, but the one word that stuck out was "Mediocre." The tape is all about hitting it on the head and instead of complaining about the comments, changing the meaning of the word totally, forever. Mitto was lucky enough to know Christian Burrill (Chuck) and Mitch Kurtsman (Meech) from High School band. Two best friends that turned into amazing producers. This is their first big project as Wusahh Records.

NicX Sun

Click the image above to listen to NicX's new track titled "The Sun" featuring 6LACK.