Missingno.’s newest offering is a single titled “Light.” Listeners are pulled into the track with an extended intro that runs for about one and a half minutes – production which incorporates Chiptune or 8-Bit synths. The lyrics he delivers are vulnerable, as Missingno. begins by stating: “tired of feeling so small, makin’ no impact at all.” In a current state where a lot of music these days leans braggadocious in style - this Brooklyn, NY born, raised in Dallas, TX, and currently residing in Akron, OH artist – gives the people something they can relate to on a personal level.

The song is inspired by a performance that Missingno. had, which didn’t pan out as he had planned. He is not one to give up, although he expresses how difficult it may be not to do so. It’s remnant of artists who give up a special part of themselves in order to allow others to feel great hope, such as Kid Cudi & Juice WRLD

From the official press release:

[The] juxtaposition [of this record] in sonic elements creates an anomaly where this song could simultaneously be used to soundtrack a sad Mario unable to save Princess Peach and a depressed teen’s TikTok videos. The lyrics in this track effectively paint the picture of someone wishing to “snatch the stars right out the sky” in pursuit of becoming a star in their own right. To summarize the song using Missingno.’s own lyrics: “If I shoot for the stars, land on the moon, the leftover distance makes me feel crappy”.

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Fun fact worth noting: 'Missingno.' adapts his name from a glitch in the original Pokémon game, which is interpreted as "missing number."