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If you've been keeping up with Michael Luis over the years, you'd know that he has a pretty impressive resumé of music under his belt. That was all just the beginning..

Today, the Lorain native releases his very first project titled Beautiful Insecurities. It runs only 6 tracks long, which seems like the perfect length when you listen all the way through. What Michael brings to the table is a refreshing style by mixing his ability to both rap and sing. Sure, a lot of artists are doing this now with the use of autotune. He's separated from the rest of the game because he steps outside the box with the producers he works with.

On top of that, he just straight up keeps it real. Michael is very personal in his music, and he's not here to front. You won't hear any drug references.. No poppin' bottles in the club.. NONE of that shit!

Okay, let's talk about the features on this EP real quick! Michael recruited 3 of Cleveland's most talented artists on this one. "Stuck On You" clearly has pop influence, and Billard does his damn thing on the record. Similarly, Alex Angelo matches Michael's vibes on "Bling Riddim." "Live It Up" is where you hear Mike rapping at his best, and NicX's assisted verse is just plain filthy.

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