When you hear the name Machine Gun Kelly, most think of the famous gangster from the 1920’s. But this Machine Gun Kelly is an entertainer. “I consider myself to be an entertainer, given that I’m most known as MGK “the rapper” I don’t have a problem with the label, I just want the people to know that I am much more than that,” Machine Gun Kelly.

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The Urbanian: For those who haven’t heard of you yet, what would you like to tell them about your music and who you are? MGK: As far as the music goes…Google 100 Words and Running, and YouTube Machine Gun Kelly you’ll get your music fix there. On a personal level: everyone calls me “Kells” or “K”, I’m a 20 year old white boy residing on the Eastside of Cleveland, OH, and I am loud and obnoxious troubled youth that spends weeknights pissing parents off by turning their daughter’s room into a giant orgy-fest. That is all. TU: What is your favorite song you have produced so far? MGK: The fans influence which song is my favorite, and right now their’s and mine would have to be “Chip off the Block” simply because that shows my original style, which was straight up raw and rapid-fire delivery. When I perform that shit the crowd always goes nuts because when you take an energetic song and add it to one of the most energetic live performance set’s (this is just my opinion, but if you’ve ever been to one of my shows I’m sure you’ll co-sign) you get pure mayhem…which is what the fans want to see! Rage! TU: What are your top 3 favorite hip hop web sites? ;) MGK: Worldstarhiphop.com, LeakJones.com, and of course TheUrbanian.com, durrrr!! TU: What message can you give younger rappers who are trying to master the grind? MGK: Fuck what the critics and haters have to say (this is something I’m still trying to learn haha…those bastards} and understand that it’s not about what you do IN the studio, it’s about what you do OUTSIDE of it because there are millions of people recording daily but there is a reason why only 2% of those songs are getting heard. TU: What was the creative influence behind your latest mixtape and when do you plan on releasing another one? MGK: Being broke!!! Haha nah I’m just playing…well actually? No I’m not. But I’m going to have to credit my creative influence on the 100 Words and Running mixtape to my hunger to be heard, I’ve been rapping since I was 13 but my true breakout came when I released that mixtape at 19, which means no one was fucking with me for like 6 years! So I probably just hopped in the booth like “yo, their gonna give me my respect THIS time around!” TU: Where and when is your next show? MGK: This Friday (Aug. 6 2010) I’m in Cincinnati with Big Sean, and Saturday I’m headlining in Buffalo, NY but I’m most excited for my show at Peabody’s back in my city (Cleveland, OH) on August 28th….its about to be a fucking RAGER! TU: Is there a meaning behind all of your tattoos? What do some of them represent? MGK: Of course! I hate these fucking rappers that just ink their body with a whole bunch of nothing, which is damn near all of yal! Fucking posers. I believe tattoos are a lifestyle not a fashion trend. But anyways, my favorite tattoo right now is the one on my lower stomach that reads “Almost Famous” because as my career grows I’m still humbled every morning when I look at that tattoo, and I’ll always remember how much it sucked to ALMOST be famous haha. I just got this quote from the movie “The Sandlot” on my shoulders which I think is one of the illest one’s I have as well, it says “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die” I’m trying to be a legend in my city man! I have symmetric tattoos on my wrist, my left one says “Live Free” and my right has chain links which pretty much symbolizes that you can either live a life under the limitations of “the man” or you can live for yourself and live for the moment. TU: What are you most proud of so far in your career? MGK: My win at the Apollo Theater in NYC! First rapper to ever win at the Apollo, and i did it TWICE…just sayin. But that was over a year ago so now I’m most proud of the strength and loyalty of my FANS. They don’t know it, but on days where I feel hopeless their comments/messages make me get out of bed and continue my grind. TU: What is your ultimate goal you would like to accomplish in your music career? MGK: A comfortable lifestyle for my team, my family, and myself which is something I don’t think any of us have truly had growing up. Via The Urbanian