Hit the break to check out the MGK's interview with Rawburry where he talks about the tour with Big Sean, what he listens to, his tattoos, upcoming projects, and more. Rawburry: What up MGK?! MGK: All I gotta say is...who's coming with me, who's coming with me...
Rawburry: How was the tour with Big Sean this past weekend?
MGK: Every city was drastically different from the next, all around though it was a straight up rage-fest for me and my team.
Rawburry: Any new projects dropping soon?
MGK: Yes! I got a new single called "Dying Day" which is amazing about to drop within the next couple weeks and a crazy joint with Travis Porter coming soon as well.
Rawburry: Who were some of your biggest inspirations?
MGK: Will Smith, DMX, The Temptations, Motley Crue, Eminem, and a lot of other people who genuinely don't give a fuck and just do THEM!
Rawburry: What artists do you listen to most often?
MGK: I am my biggest critic, so I like to critique myself which means i'm often listening to my own records pin-pointing how I can improve my future records. Also, when I'm not listening to my shit,someone else around me is so I'm surrounded by MGK 24/7.
Rawburry: Do you model you style off of anyone in the rap game right now?
MGK: Not one bit...I don't listen to anybody that's relevant in the game right now like "damn, I need step my shit up this dude's dope!" Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of songs coming out right now but I don't look at those artists making the songs with any type of intention of imitating their style because honestly a lot of these artists are gimmicky or amateur...and I don't aspire to have either of those traits.
Rawburry: Where did you grow up?
MGK: All over the fuckin' world...literally. Cleveland made me a man though.
Rawburry: Is there anything you want to say to young hip-hop artists out there trying to make a name for themselves?
MGK: Establish a real team, don't get caught up in what's"cool", and learn to sacrifice everything for your dream.
Rawburry: The Bone Thugs came out of Cleveland also, did their fast style of rap influence you to do the same?
MGK: No, people telling me that I couldn't rap fast inspired me to want to rap fast.
Rawburry: What does MGK do in his off time?
MGK: Get tatted up, go to the Red Box to rent a 1$ movie, have sex, light ping-pong balls on fire, and rage.
Rawburry: I noticed you're a big fan of tattoos, when did you get your first tattoo and what was it?
MGK:14 years old, and it was a tattoo dedicated to my grandmother (one of the only family members I was close with) who past on Valentine's Day.
Rawburry: Any shoutouts you wanna give?
MGK: shoutout to the muthafuckin FANS!!! They are first and foremost the people responsible for my continuous grind and push to "make it", shoutout to my team and all the people down with this EST shit...and shout out to youtube haters, we should use those people to block that pipe causing the oil spill in the Gulf. Via rawburry