Twitter: @LVfromCLE @Ripp_Flamez We're proud to have the exclusive on LVFromCLE's new visual for his song "30 For 30." The song features a beat produced by legend Zaytoven and features a verse from Ripp Flamez. Both of these aspects set the song up for greatness, but LV wanted to step it up even more with a visual from SceneAmatix along with Rich Productions. I would say LV is the only artist in the city to incorporate a helicopter into his video... Ripp comes in shortly after LV's verse to add his signature sound and flow onto the track which then transitions into the second half of the video. This second half of the video creates a contrast since first half takes place in a field during the day which could represent the lighter side of music and the second half can depict the darker grittier side that music can have... Either way LV really wanted to step up what music videos can be and did just that. Watch the full visual above and stay tuned for his new project "Broken Records" releasing soon.