Cleveland rap group Lost Tribe is gearing up to release a new project with features from Trippie Redd, Rich The Kid, Lil Wop, and more. Read the entire write up via The Source below their DrumGod produced song "Big Boulder."
Inspired by seeing his older cousin Rich Paul (Lebron James Sports Agent) make strides in sports business and music, Northeast Ohio rapper “Goldie” began making music and recording himself at an early age.One day he came across future group member “Tropp” in the mall and they began trading ideas about music and fashion. The two linked up 2014 and began working as a group by the beginning of 2015. After delicately working on their creative process they decided it was time to release a record, their first real single “iPhone.” “We started making music together when we saw each other at the mall and we both had the fashion and already did music by ourselves,” Goldie of Lost Tribe said. “So once we did a song together and it was fire we just ran with it and became a group.” The track became Cleveland’s Summer sensation and lead to the guys performing at Cleveland’s z107.9 Summer Jam and led to collaborations with Rich The Kid, Trippie Redd, Lil Wop and more. Now the guys are gearing up for SXSW and are prepping the release of their new mixtape ‘Lost Tribe.’ “We’re inspired by a lot of fashion, scammin drugs, the bitches, ego, money, fashion and a log of losses we took throughout this music journey thus far,” Tropp of Lost Tribe explained. “Currently our main focus been this tape and our new single, but you can catch us at SXSW fasho!”