Lorine Chia, Zero2Aphiniti, Kipp Stone, Tee Willis, DosFromThePack, & DJ TOPGUN are all sharing the stage in a performance on Nov. 7th.

Show details:

Thursday November 17th King St. Johns 15812 Waterloo Rd.

Presale tickets $15 $20 @ the door

Fest opens @ 5pm show starts @ 7:30pm

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Below is a description provided by ARTC:

A Right To Create has started a movement to preserve the pedestal!

No matter what race or how old...women are our queens and should be treated as such.

We must learn to respect, cherish and love their imperfections! We must respect their right to be sexy, beautiful, daring and not ridicule or condemn.

They're our family...mothers...sisters...aunt's... cousins...friends we most protect the creators of life or suffer a chaotic future. Join the movement become apart of the solution!


IG: @arighttocreate Twitter: @artcohio