Twitter: @iamlexidavila, @adamlevine On this new season of The Voice which premiered on February 23, we watched as 17 year old Lorain native Lexi Davila took the stage. In her blind audition she performed “Dreaming of You” which was originally written and sung by Mexican legend Selena. Twenty-six seconds into her performance, Adam Levine turns to his fellow judges and says “She’s got a good voice…But young” as Blake Shelton agrees. Then 45 seconds in, Adam finally hits the button and turns around, selecting Lexi to be on his team for this season. At this point you see Lexi’s confidence skyrocket as she hits her high notes and the crowd roars. Blake also chooses Lexi, so now she has a choice to make between Blake and Adam, as Adam gives her a standing ovation. When it’s time to choose between the coaches, you see Adam basically begging for this talented young star to join his team, and she does! Watch and support Lexi this season as she tries to make it big on national TV, coached by Adam Levine. Write up by @K_Shak34