I had this music forwarded over to me and I was diggin' it. The write up that accompanied the project did it more justice than I could, so I figured I would share that!

Below write up via The Magenta Mantra

Have you ever heard a picture being painted? Have you ever listened to the wing flutters of a monarch butterfly, floating through the sky? If your answer is no, don't fret. The kitty cat of feels, Lil Fairie is the closes thing to aural nirvana. Since her zoned out vocal segment on Sun Amarri's Lakefront album, she's been tucked away in her crystal lair working on what could possibly be one of the most beautiful bodies of work ever conceived from a Cleveland artist. Art by the way, is surely the name of the game with "Soul Love". Only 11 days young, "Soul Love" most definitely deserves a listen. Each track has a unique blend of color, each a different hue. From the 90's inspired boom bap of track 1 "Just Me" to the beautiful breeze of the seashore felt in track 7 "We got this". Theres more than enough to love on this project. Lil Fairies voice, so minimally soothing falls like a feather on the cheek of each production in the most natural way.