Song #1: "Assassin" Write up below via HNHH The legacy of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is more pronounced than most with respect to melodic rap. With that being said, Krayzie Bone doesn't want to rest on those laurels. His latest single "Assassin" embarks on a different construct of modern rap. To hear Krayzie Bone rap "we don't speak the queer code" in the year 2018 caught me somewhat offguard. The bone Krayzie seems to be picking on "Assassin" is presumed to be hip hop's effeminate dress code. When Krayzie asks "n****s wearing dresses now, I'm supposed to respect them how?," could he reliving the past? The entire World got over Kanye West wearing a leather kilt, in fact many among us thought it was pretty bold. Because I have revered Krayzie and his band mates for so long, I almost feel like it's my responsibility to mute his tongue lashings. I wouldn't even ask him to reconsider his position, because deep down I know that he's a hip hop Classisist, and there's some merit in preserving some part of the status quo.
Song #2: "Crazy"