Twitter: @KolyKolgate I really never thought I would hear a song all about beards, but now I can say I have. Instead of shout out to all the pears shout out to all the BEARDS! Koly Kolgate shows his pride for beards with his song "#BeardGang." This song features a DJ Mustard type beat, verses filled with lyrics about facial hair, and the hook/ chorus which is my favorite part of the track. The singing paired with the beat really just makes the track for me. Koly is also apart of the hip hop/metal/ dubstep group Trap House Rave! (@TRAPHOUSERAVE). If you 'd like to hear more music from Koly Kolgate you can check out his new mixtape "Old Scars, New Demons" Linked below!!

"Old Scars, New Demons" Mixtape

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