Twitter: @chip216 In preparation for his upcoming album "CleveLAfornia" Cleveland legend King Chip releases a compilation type tape of old/ somewhat new music and songs he was featured on titled "Synergy Pack." Some of the tracks include a MAJOR throwback "Ask About Me" which was a collaboration track with Kid Cudi. Others include Hyyerr, Church (w/ The Game), the ever so classic Fat Raps, Old English (w/ Travis Scott), and many other tracks. Their are some new/ newer tracks on this tape like Fat Raps 3, Cherish The Day (w/ Domo Genesis), and the Raw Rolling Papers Cypher. The project is hosted by DJ Fate, DJ Holiday, and DJ Tay James. As I said this is just a preparation pack for the long awaited CleveLAfornia album which drops December 11th 2015!!!