4381206105_c7d0550b99 Twitter: @ducidni, @machinegunkelly "Beef" originated between two of Cleveland's best artists, Kid Cudi and Machine Gun Kelly after both rappers used the word Rager to describe their individual live shows (I've seen both, and yes they are among the best live performers currently in the game). It was taken a step further when MGK said the following in his "Started From The Bottom Remix": "And I heard tempers heating up like a filee, Talking bout they run my city when they livin in LA." This seemed to be an obvious shot at both Cudder and King Chip, who responded on the BIFC 3 mixtape (track 3 "WTF") with the following lines: "They say I ain't reppin, bitch I paved the way for your soft ass I'm Cleveland legend. I worry bout death when it comes, right now I'm Rosay Acin', Bitch I'm From Cleveland, yeah n*gga that's my creation." With all that being said, last night Cudi tweeted the following. This is good news for all Cleveland music fans who hope to see the elite artists work together one day (maybe that's just me.) I'm hoping their "meeting" wasn't just this encounter, because it doesn't seem like there were too many words exchanged. cudi tweet mgk