I'm sure there were some fans who were upset that the Cud Life Tour never made it to the artist's hometown. Well be upset no more! How often do you get the opportunity to see Kid Cudi perform live? If you live in Cleveland, the answer to that question is just about annually. The first time I saw Cudder perform in Cleveland was in '09 at The House Of Blues. Then again at Ohio Homecoming's birthday celebration for the city's birthday. I also made it to the show he had at the Q. Every single one of those nights, each completely different atmospheres due to the varying venues, turned out to be truly ineffable. So Cleveland, I hope you join me in welcoming back one of the best talents the city has to offer musically. Not only is Cudi dropping a full album Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon sometime THIS MONTH, but he also plays a major role in the Need For Speed movie which will be in theaters March 14. You would think that is enough on one person's plate at a time, but Cudi is also in Goodbye World, another motion picture hitting the big screen on April 4th. 2014 is looking like the quite the year for this Cleveland born star. What makes me even more pumped for this concert is the fact that King Chip (who Cudi says "had Cleveland rockin' way before I did") will be accompanying him. The Almighty GloryUS in concert is something I never want to miss. Tickets start as low as $20. Dennis, you need to hook me up with some of that whiskey to celebrate this one! Details below! Performing: Kid Cudi & King Chip When: Tuesday, March 25th Where: The Wolstein Center Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. *Still waiting to replace the flyer with the high quality one!