Twitter: @KidCudi Later in the interview Cudi was asked about his upbringing and his Mother.
My mom was very supportive… I hear a lot of kids have passions and don’t really have that support system from their parents…My mom was one of those parents who watches what direction you’re going in and tries to guide.
Cudi then proceeded to answer a question posed by Reggie Watts:
Reggie: Do you believe that once your making music that that is actually the reality and that this pales in comparison? Cudi: I have so many albums because reality is a nightmare so I have to make all this music so I can listen to it all the time and it’s like my soundtrack. It’s pretty much while I’m still here.
Cudi was laughing all while saying this but damn that’s deep. Now unfortunately there were no updates on SBTH of MOTM3 which was mildly discouraging. But it seems like this interview was set up to promote Comedy Bang! Bang! and nothing else. Hopefully well get another soon that’s focused on his upcoming music. You can check out the whole show over at Via DatNewCudi