Twitter: @KidCudi "Kid Cudi is seamlessly juggling music and acting these days, and during his visit to Sundance last week to promote his current film “James White,” he added another item that’s on his to-do list. He told MTV News that he’d just wrapped filming on “Vincent & Roxxy,” with Zoe Kravitz and Emile Hirsch, describing it as his “first bad guy role,” and he seemed happy with the way it turned out. “It was something different for me. The director approached me, no audition, he believed in me enough to put me in this position,” Cudi told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz of working with Josh Mond. “He trusted me with his art and it was dope. I hope people enjoy that.” Last week, he also announced that his "Man On The Moon III" album is in progress, but there’s still more: “I’ve been secretly writing a TV show for like two years,” he said. “I’ve been sitting on it and working on it. I was scared about it and that’s what made me finally, in the last year, just push into it. I’m not a writer, but now I am I guess.” No word on when this TV series might be completed. " - MTV News

the cosign

Click the image above to check out the presented mixtape "TheCosign," backed up by DJ Steph Floss, DJ KNyce, E-V, DJ KY, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Corey Grand, Meel, Tropikana, & Big Heff.