Twitter: @JoeyAich4 "If Money Grew On Trees" is the first ever album release from Joey Aich and this is a special one... In the past Joey has released 2 mixtapes previously, but those projects have been leading up to this moment. This album features 11 tracks. "Rope Break", "Meccas", "Emoticon", and "Fundraiser" are all singles that were released prior to the project so we get 7 brand new tracks. "GED 7249" was released a year ago but the version on the album features Nuke Franklin who lays down a hard hitting verse! This album also has features from Billie Mitchell and Calez. Joey set's this project up as almost as if it is a live performance from the opening of the show all the way to the ending encore with a crowd chanting for Joey to keep going. You can really feel a lot of the raw emotion Joey has put into these tracks, but also a lot of the raw emotion he puts into each performance he does. The whole project can be streamed below and also is available on all major streaming platforms!