Lorine Twitter: @LorineChia #1. Lorine Chia: The sure driving force of the new era of Cleveland Music, Lorine first broke to the scene with her self-titled debut ‘Lorine’ which broke her not only locally but onto the national scene thanks to records like ‘Livin in Vein’ Ft. Chance The Rapper. Not to disappoint anyone, she followed the release with ‘Naked Truths’ an album of hits, not leaving any room for the listeners to think of anything less than greatness. alina Twitter: @AlinaBaraz #2. Alina Baraz: Theres something to be said about talent so good that it does all the hard work itself. Thats what we’ve found in Alina Baraz. The Cleveland songstress, who recently made the move to L.A, is nothing short of the next big thing. Strong vocals, powerful song writing, and a deep spaced out production style give this artist an edge on her competition. There is not an album yet from Alina but please feel free to check out her SoundCloud. Tropikana Twitter: @Tropikana #3. Tropikana: What can’t Tropikana do? She has established herself as one of the top radio personalities in the city thanks to the Trop-House on z107.9 and has also been nominated for multiple awards and is known as one of the best at hosting events in the Mid-West. You can generally catch Tropikana around different events and clubs in the city doing what she does best and keeping the city alive. lolah Twitter: @LolahBrown #4 Lolah Brown: For Lolah Brown theres a mix of stardom waiting to come out and pure love for the music. No newcomer to the scene Lolah is still making noise off of her project ‘Black Lily’. More importantly she has toured the world with likes of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, John Legend and more. We are not positive on any updates of new releases but we do know when it happens Lolah will be able to take that next and giant step. rickolette Twitter: @RickiSimmonds #5. Rickolette: Another new artist to the scene, we predict a big year for Rickolette. She broke onto the scene with the release of ‘Darkest Light’ a record in which this songstress proves she is for the long haul. She followed up the record with ‘State Your Feelings’ which was produced by JayBradley and lets the singer display her vocals and song writing over some really cool drums and keys. We do know she is currently working on a project but we are not sure of any release yet. tee Twitter: @MzCrazyTee #6. MzCrazyTee: One of the strongest Femcees in the area, Mz Crazy Tee is more so know for her ability to control her bars and stay nose to nose with male artists. No stranger to making great music, she is hot off the release of ‘Piece Of My Love’ a record in which she collaborated with Shuicide Holla and looks to make her mark in the city. We look forward to all of her new music expected out this year. image Twitter: @TheMixMistress #7. CoCo-Z The Mix Mistress: The Mix Mistress has earned her spot on the list by being one of the best female DJ’s around. She hosts ‘Girl Power Radio’ and is a member of the 2-1-Sick Radio Staff on 89.3 FM. We really like what she is doing in the HipHop scene in Cleveland, but are more impressed with her drive to breakout and experience all the music the city has to offer. We look forward to some new mixes from Coco Z in 2014 to see everything she is bringing full circle. QueenChella Twitter: @QueenChellaaa #8. Queen Chella: One of the newer standout stars in the scene, we see Queen Chella as more of an artist who has only a matter of time to break into a radio star. She paved her way with the release of 'Girls' and 'Persuade My Mind' making a quick and big splash in the Cleveland scene. Backed by full bands at her live shows, the young femcee/singer displays great crowd control and doesn’t disappoint and we highly recommend seeing this in person. cream Twitter: @MsCreamOfTheCrp #9. Ms. CreamOfTheCrop: The CEO of T.E.T Entertainment Cream boasts an impressive resume of artists and models. She constantly provides platforms for local artists to spread their music with things like ‘The Elite Radio Show’ and her work in the OHHA and Cleveland HipHop events, planning, and more. She can constantly be seen in the city at different events, clubs and social gatherings. One of the truest supporters of Cleveland HipHop. ashleigh Twitter: @AshleighVeV #10. Ashleigh VeVerka: Artist management behind EST19XX, Ashleigh has had the kind of potential to be chosen as a Power Woman of Cleveland for the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. This upcoming year she will have a lot on her plate as EST is getting ready to release a collaborative mixtape, along with MGK's greatly anticipated sophomore album. There's no denying the passion and hard work that has gone into the label that is currently winning in Cleveland.