Twitter: @MrZuP With our latest exclusive release we over here at bring you 'The Blvd' the latest release from ImFromClevelands 2014 Up Next pick and OHHA Album Of The Year Nominee, ZuP. ZuP is an MC whose unqiue sound has generated quite the buzz over the years, his combination of raspy vocals and intriguing lyrics has often gotten him compared to other musical acts such as Sublime and Rage Against The Machine. We however, feel it's hard to place a label on this Cleveland gem. On the record, which was self-produced by ZuP, he takes listeners on a journey through The Blvd where he spent countless nights crashing above a local bar. Displaying his HipHop tendencies on the verses, ZuP switches it up and shows off his vocals on the chorus, which is where we think this track really stands out. Accompanied by some scratches from Cleveland turntablist No Loot, the record takes you back to the late 90's when Alternative Pop Rock was at it's prime. Be on the lookout for some new visuals from ZuP as he is in promo for his previous release 'Room To Grow' but we do have confirmation that the new album is under way from the KushNERD MC. Does ZuP have what it takes to make that next step? We think so, but we advise you to decide for yourself. If you like what you hear be sure to check out ZuP this Saturday at The Basement in Sagamore Hills for WinterFest.