Twitter: @RealSwah With our latest Exclusive we bring you the newest visual from this week’s Artist Of The Week, Swah. The Humble Heroz artist has been generating some buzz lately and hopes to kick it into overdrive with the release of "Never." The record tells the story of Swah’s hopes for his life with the chorus ringing the chant "Never going back to being broke again." Apart from the song itself, this is one visual that sets the bar a little higher. Instead of viewers feelings drawn into overused effects, layers of graphics, or a single shot, Swah has taken his art to the next level and proved that there is room for music videos that are more so written and scripted as a short film with a full detailed story line to back it up. Mixing that in with short one minute bursts of his new anthem, we feel that Swah could be onto something. Don’t be surprised if more artists take after the Humble Heroez artist, but even if they do we won’t be mad. Thanks for raising that bar Swah and we look forward to the release of your solo EP set to come out later this year. Do you think Swah has what it takes to keep his life on path or will he fall back into the broke life? If it’s up to him that’ll "Never" happen. The song can be streamed and downloaded below via SoundCloud. Write-up by DJ Swerve