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Toobe Fresco is a breath of fresh of air. His blend of soulful rhythm over modern beats churns out something you can feel in your bones. As a teen, he developed a rich knowledge of music production- and just like his faith, he isn’t afraid to put that on display. Now in his twenties, he looks to inspire a whole new generation to find their voice and rise above the noise. Toobe has an album releasing on May 11th (Update: Click Here to Listen), with a listening party going on May 6th at The Grog Shop. We caught up with the artist for an exclusive interview highlighting his craft, focus, and plans for the newly announced “Never Better 2018 Tour." Continue reading below!
Where are you in your career right now? Man, if we're looking at this like school grades, I would say I may be in like 5th grade. I'm still learning a lot and growing so much with every release and move -I'm not too far yet. How would you describe your sound to people? I describe my sound as Hip Hop Soul. It's a blend of classic Hip Hop lyricism with Today's cadences and feels, backed by soulful, melodic production. How i describe it changes so often, but this is the best way I could put it.

Which of your songs are you most proud of? Why?

If I had to pick a song, it's probably my track "Jordan Year" from my last mixtape "Let Us Dream". I mean, numbers wise it did okay, but that song is what helped me develop a WHOLE-nother sound. That’s where I got more into heavier melodies, and more soulful production, and the song that my band was pretty much built off of. It's a staple for me. How has having a team around you helped elevate your career? Going from having no official "team" to now having a small team has helped a crazy amount. The team pretty much started with my girl (KyraJaiArt) who does all my graphics and media -she basically helps me run the business and it grew from there. It takes a big weight off of my shoulders and lets me focus more on the music. toobe-fresco-cleveland-artist How did the quality of your branding become so important to you? Quality branding was always an important thing, I just never had the money or means of having it. I think that’s why I go so hard for it now to make sure everything looks as good as it can. Back when it was just me, I made most of the graphics if my homie Nigel couldn't. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing for real, I just found my way through it. But now having people around me who can help me bring the vision that’s in my head to life professionally, that makes all the difference man. Explain a life lesson you’ve learned from making music. My biggest life lesson I've found out is that I have a responsibility with this music stuff. Music is a universal language. People listen to music and literally feed off of what they're hearing -they become what they're moved by. I have a responsibility to make sure I'm putting the right stuff out there. God didn't give me this talent just to have fun with it. It was for a greater purpose and I think that is to help other people and spread something positive. People are out here hurting, bro. They need something to help them get through and bring some light to their lives. I know that’s a lot different than a lot of what’s out here, but that’s just the responsibility that I feel with what I've been blessed with. toobe-fresco-cleveland-artist Name an artist, dead or alive, it would be your dream to collaborate with. I would for sure collaborate with J. Cole. That’s my dream I've had for a while. He is one of my biggest inspirations, man. His talent is crazy, him and Chance The Rapper. Both of those guys helped me craft my sound I have now, for my last 3 projects. What are your goals for the upcoming tour? Really for this tour man I just want to grow. I just want to get as much experience as I can, so when the next tour comes along I can know what to do and what not to do. Of course I want to get more exposure for the music as well. The main goal, however, is to grow from it. Describe the energy going into your next project. The energy for this next project is soulful vibes, man. I want to bring some positive vibes with this project. I want people to feel love, God, life, passion..everything with this next project. It's like a rollercoaster of feels. Any final thoughts? Just, thank you guys for all the love and support, that goes for IFC and anyone who hits play. Just, seriously, thank you and God bless. *** Toobe Fresco’s humility speaks for itself. Be sure to stream his latest single "Eddie Bauer" on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and all other major streaming outlets! For more information and available tour dates visit toobe-fresco