Instagram: @lindsxymesenburg Every now and then you hear something from a rising artist that makes you think, "This is something special." Lindsxy Mesenburg is one of those artists. Her trending online singles have started to turn heads and it’s not hard to see why. Between the skilled control of her voice and sensual songwriting, there’s something about Lindsxy’s style that makes you want more. It’s a good sign for an artist who has only released two official singles. One of those singles, titled "Wavy," perfectly accentuates the potential of the Akron based artist. The song is a sultry anthem for a desire that’s managed to go viral on Soundcloud. The ability to create a catchy song is always admirable but it’s the subtle creative choices such as switching to Spanish, or humming the song to a close, that really highlight Lindsxy’s personable cool. We caught up with the artist for a full breakdown of her growing career, along with what new fans can expect from Lindsxy in the near future. Get hip before the bandwagon!
lindsxy-mesenburg-ohio Who is Lindsxy Mesenburg in your own words? Lindsxy Mesenburg is a new wave. I would say I'm a warm genuine energy; a mixture of sweet as well as sultry. Divine as well as badass. A confident woman, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. An old soul; someone who wants to change the world with the music I create. Where did your passion for music begin? When I was three years old, I started taking dance lessons. I pretty much grew up in the dance studio listening to music on a daily basis, so since then I have been big into it. I would sing around the house growing up. My dad used to always ask me to sing one of his favorite musical songs “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie because he said I had such a nice singing voice, but I was too nervous to sing around people at that time. Back in 2015 I made friends with a rap artist who would take me to some of his studio sessions. I loved the atmosphere and the vibe of being in on a studio session, which made me want to have one of my own. I ended up doing a Jhene Aiko cover of 'From Time' and I had the most amazing experience. Ever since then, I fell in love with the studio, and wanted to be there all the time. I started writing music of my own and it sort of became like an addiction. I would want to get home from work everyday just so I could work on my music and sing as much as I wanted to. Why do you think the song “Wavy” connected with so many people? The crazy part about “Wavy” is that I wrote the song in thirty minutes on a whim just for the fun of it. I was sitting in my apartment listening to some music and thought that maybe I should finally write a song of my own. I remember typing in “hip hop beats” on YouTube and coming across Young Taylor’s beat and really vibing with it, and thus “Wavy” was born. I believe it connected with so many people mainly because it has a nice flow to it, and who doesn’t love a sexy R&B song to get you in the mood? Does the buzz make you feel pressured as you work on new projects? Music is my whole world, and to have the ability to create something out of nothing is something that has always intrigued me about making it. I can understand the pressure that may come along with the constant need to make new stuff or put things out, but for me it is something I really look forward to doing. If there is ever any pressure at all, it is a good pressure that makes me want to push myself and continue to grow with my writing skills, as well as vocals, song themes, and even learning more about the production side of things. lindsxy-mesenburg-akron You’ve released some dope creative content such as the Kill Bill photoshoot and eye-catching lyric videos. Where do those ideas come from? Thank you! I am very into creating visuals, because as important as it is to have good music, it is also important to catch peoples eyes as well. Visuals are just another way to emphasize who you are all about, and give a different flavor to your image and to your music. Being an artist in Ohio has its challenges. Do you have plans to leave Akron? I do have plans to leave Akron. As much as I love where I have been born and raised, there are a lot of challenges being an artists in this city. There are not as many people who share that same dream that I do, as well as not many studio opportunities, scenic locations for visuals, etc. My plan is to move to Los Angeles; somewhere where music is a bigger commodity, and try to branch out there and meet some artists like myself who share the same dream. I want to get to know people who have similar visions and goals when it comes to music. As a final thought, what would you like listeners to understand about you and your craft? Something really important that I have learned along my journey so far with making music is to really put your soul into it. As cliche as it may sound, it is really important to stay genuine to yourself as well as the people who listen to your music. I feel like a lot of artists who are working towards a music career make the mistake of trying to be someone that they’re not in order to entertain a particular audience or to make themselves more appealing. The reality is that if you don’t stay genuine, you will be forced to be someone you are not. Music is my life story, so I want to be honest with the content that I make. I would much rather be low-key and be in love with the art that I create, happy and genuine with what I make, than to be have fame but not be true to myself. I want to make music that can appeal to people who want to hear a nice melody or a good song, as well as make in depth, honest music that people who listen to the song for it’s meaning can listen and feel something. At the end of the day, music has saved lives. People feel things from the music you create, and my goal is to influence people to a degree that changes them. I have some artists that I can credit that have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life just from their music, and seeing how they have been through the challenges they have faced publicly. I want to be someone who can help someone through my music the way the artists I have looked up to have helped me through theirs.
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