iLTHY is preparing for the restock of their "Cleveland Against The World" drop (which I have to say I love). They gathered up the following people, got a shot of them in the apparel, and did a small write-up on each that you can peep below the break; Dub-O, Justin Staples, Daisun Santana, Freshy Ramone, Ezzy, Tropikana, King Dom, GraddyCo, & Ray Jr.

Who’s against the world?


Recording Artist for EST19xx

Residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Dubo has been mostly known as an ingredient to MGK’s EST19xx stable. Featuring in over a dozen songs with the signed Badboy artist, Dubo now is paving his own lane in hip hop as he recently released his latest project, Old Lights New Lights. Look out for more from Dubo as the months go by.



Justin Staples

Cleveland Browns Linebacker

Justin, who is actually from Cleveland Ohio (Lakewood) was picked up by the Cleveland Browns in 2013. He’s well aware of the hardships of a Clevelander and couldn’t be prouder to represent this city on the field.


Daisun Santana

Dancer/Founder of City Breaks Studio

Daisun is an admirable guy who is seeking to bring back the glory of break dance back into the culture. Back in the 90′s and some early 2000′s breakdancing contests and bboy battles drew huge crowds in different venues around town. Now that dance in hip hop has kind of evolved in just leanin’ and twerkin’ you rarely see someone bust out a windmill on the dance floor. Daisun is up to the challenge, and has already started traveling around the world representing not only his culture, but where he’s from.


Freshy Ramone

Recording Artist

Freshy Ramone has been in and out of the Cleveland music scene in the last few years. His first campaign aligned him with producer and talented beat boxer J-Doza forming the duo called “Freshy and J-Doza”. The two released new freestyles on almost a weekly basis and has even gotten a special appearance by Machine Gun Kelly to join in on the fun. The duo also dove in the opportunity to open for Drake and Bone Thugs in Harmony at the Ohio Home Coming in 2012. Since then, both J-Doza and Freshy Ramone took a step back from music as they wanted to re-analyze things. Freshy recently released a new track called Bass up which you can listen to here on



Recording Artist

Young Ezzy has worked very diligently in the last couple of years. He’s been very consistent with his music and has fed his fans enough music and visuals to keep him fresh in their minds. To many, Ezzy is still very young in the game, and is kind of battling between staying young and positive or just growing up too fast and turning it up 100%. He’s only 17 years old and being in the game this early isn’t a bad thing at all. We at iLTHY have had the honor of watching the kid grow up and watch him progress. He’s been patient and I think that he’s finally found his niche and has been doing a good job balancing his 2 groups of fans. After the kid turns 18 I think alot of weight will be put off the kids shoulders.



Radio Personality/Dj for 107.9

Tropikana has been one of the most familiar voices in hip hop radio for quite some time now. She’s been on air with some of the greatest in hip hop and has been consistent with putting out new music on both the local and national scale. With the rise of personalized music players like Pandora, and Spotify, radio plays have been slowly decreasing year after year. The one thing that these personal music players don’t have though, is personality and the ability to give you news coverage or topics on the spot, and that’s what radio still does.


King Dom

Recording Artist/Dj

King Dom has been behind the turntable for the majority of his career. Spinning at nightclubs or at local bar hubs, Dom has always felt that he has a lot more to offer than to lend out his personal playlist everynight. Dom is slowly on the verge of breaking through the DJ walls and solidify himself as a hip hop recording artist, just search for the video of him shaving his eyebrow off and you will find out for yourself.



Recording Artist

Graddy right now, is the definition of the an underground hip hop artist in Cleveland Ohio. He’s looking and taking opportunities to showcase his skills through small venue shows and in night clubs. He’s been featured in Bitch I’m From Cleveland 3 Mixtape and has had some local club hits that gets the crowd going.


Ray Jr (Legit Paper & EST19xx)

Recording Artist

Ray Jr is one of the original artists from the original BIFC mixtape that is still residing in Cleveland trying to strike it big from home. He’s already had a stint with DEF Jam but then decided that he’s better off doing his own thing with Legit Paper. Latest news with Ray is that he’s aligned himself with MGK and EST along with Tezo and Lorine Chia. Ray now is working on his new EP, which will be his third Elected project.