Twitter: @icky_al216 "This Ain't Life" is an IFC EXCLUSIVE track from Icky Al. This track comes in light of his recent arrest and incarceration which currently has both fans and family screaming FREE ICKY AL!!! This song is to help keep his name going and to also hold people off for his next tape titled "Growth" which has no set release date, but will becoming soon... In this track Al comes to the realization of what he truly has in his life and just how much he truly has gone through. Al comes from the Garden Valley projects with no father figure in his life which has an obvious impact on not only his life, but his music as well. "Growth" will be a reflection of that without a doubt!! For now you can listen to this new track and other songs on his soundcloud linked below which has his track "Flex" with rising artist Ripp Flamez featured and many others. The last full length project Al released was titled "No Love" which can be found on both spinrilla or livemixtapes.

Icky Al's soundcloud (Click here)