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After being featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Viral 50 Chart, New York City-based artist Brett Castro drops his new single “i hope u never get over me.” This is the first single from his upcoming EP i’m sorry, set to release in 2019. “i hope u never get over me” is a deeply personal reflection of Castro’s recent breakup. He sings through mostly self-deprecating lyrics with tenderness and honesty culminating in a catchy chorus that gives this song its undeniable charm. Though his vocals are presented simply, “i hope u never get over me” has no shortage of ear candy. Castro inventively employs a captivating vocal chop motif throughout the track, standing out against the swelling synth lines and punchy drum beat; and the most interesting part of the song comes at the bridge, where Castro samples a love poem from Richard Linklater’s film Before Sunrise.

Castro’s new single offers a unique perspective on heartbreak that isn’t often written about. Instead, “i hope u never get over me” focuses on the lingering passions, weighing guilt, and making amends after a breakup. “I kept on hearing so many breakup songs about ‘moving on’ or ‘screw you’ or being ‘better off,’ but that’s just not how I was feeling,” Castro explains. “I was so dependent on her, and I really fucked it up. So this song came out of those feelings.”