iTunes Link - Hazy Flow - Echoes Of The Evertrip (EP)

Twitter: @HazyFlow Hazy Flow brings you his freshman EP "Echoes Of The Evertrip" Hazy Flow weaves together multiple genres with this 8 track EP ranging from trap bangers, dubstep, an original rock, and more! This whole EP is a look into the chaotic universe that exists within Hazy's mind. Whether the song is telling a story or not Hazy puts real life events/ personal hardship in each of these tracks. Very rare for rap music now a days... One song that sticks out to me is the song "She" in which Hazy tells a story of a girl who at night strips to help support her drug addiction and her party lifestyle, but is completely unhappy with herself. The darkness of the beat just adds to the effect that the song has on you. It pulls you in more and more. This EP also features Cleveland singer Jean Alice who has worked with Hazy prior. Also features production work from two Cleveland producers Trizik and Subgrime. I reached out to Hazy Flow to get his input on the project and some of what went in to creating it. You can purchase Hazy Flows new EP on iTunes for $4.99 and any other sites that music can be purchased. (Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc.) Stream able on Spotify as well.
EotE (Echoes Of The Evertrip) is a very personal project to me. It started out as just wanting to show just how diverse I could be, a sort of obscene gesture to everyone that ever tried to label me something. But the more I wrote, the deeper I dug into what was really eating at me, all these untold stories I felt were taboo for so long, because I was worried about hurting people's feelings. Some of these topics and the way I portray them is going to piss people off, I know that. But at some point you have to stop being offended and start being real. This is my fucked up life. It's all I've ever known, so why would I write about anything else? I feel music only gets better the closer it hits to home. So I dropped a nuke on my couch, musically.
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