Twitter: @trippygoldface All I have to say is WOW! Goldfacemoneywatch is entirely different in all aspects with his new project "GDDSS". I really don't know what to say about this project... I'm at a loss for words. The beats are so different then anything else I have heard and then GFMW (Goldfacemoneywatch) lyrics and flow is just DIFFERENT. The only words I can use to describe him and the project are different and weird. Their are no better words. I'm not putting this project down at all with those words at all. If anything I'm praising it. GFMW has really created his own lane with this album similar to Lil B. did for himself. Also maybe some Young Thug influence with the high pitch voice, but its definitely a project you have to just listen to before you judge. I have to give GFMW props on this for just doing something completely new and different. Also this album features a plethora of Cleveland artists. Album artwork by: @wrldstrhndrx

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