Facebook: Frisson Band Hailing from Oberlin, Ohio Frisson is an 8 piece instrumental Jazz band consisting of members Nathan Rice (Tenor Sax), Michael Orenstein (Keys), Matt DiBiase (Compositions & Vibes), Eli Heath (Bass), Chase Kuesel (Drums), Giveton Gelin (Trumpet), Patrick Graney (Percussion), Russell Gelman-Sheehan (Guitar)... This is different than what we usually post here on IFC, but we are always open to new sounds and supporting any type of Cleveland & Ohio based music. Set to be released on February 1st the Frisson will let the world hear their first self-titled album "Frisson" which will be available on all streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and more!! We got an exclusive listen into the album and wanted to share some of our thoughts... The project consists of 5 tracks which weave in and out of I guess what would be the classic Jazz sound mixed with some new age advances?? A good example is in the song "Redemption" Michael Orenstein rips a phenomenal keyboard solo which threw me off for a guitar solo at first, but then Russel follows instantaneously to keep the track moving! Each player let's their instrument speak for itself filling in any type of gap in the song. Theres always a constant driving force in each song that keeps it moving kinda like a train. Each instrument feels like a wheel and the band in a whole is the train (great analogy)! Overall this is an album that will have any musician or listener inspired and wanting more from the group!! Below we linked a video to the second song on the album "Cortisol." This will give you an idea of what to expect from the group... Let us know what you think! Author: Bobby Booshay bifc