Twitter: @yungniggahero @BankieiZ ImFromCleveland presents the epic new video from Freshie for his song "Killin' Me" featuring Bankie iZ. I have to warn you before watching the video has the potential to induce seizures for people with epilepsy. This trippy new video is making me feel like I'm on some type of an acid trip. All these shaky images and shifting colors have me looking everywhere. You never truly see Freshie or Bankie Izs faces at all. It seems like they're are seen as shadow figures. THIS track tho... Has the feel of a Godzilla movies with the instrumental and Freshie comes in yelling with a powerful hook with strong intensity in his voice on his verses. Bankie slaying his verse as usually. Still keeping the dark vibe of the track with a sinister tone in his voice. Both are KILLING SHIT!!! Concept & written for the video by yungniggahero (@yungniggahero) , Bankie iZ, & Dre Seavers (@dreseavers) , Visual by Voted Most Creative. Track Prod. by Tristan Casanova. Dir. & Edited by Dre Seavers & yungniggahero. Shot by Dre Seavers & Drico Lamar.

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