photo (3) Twitter: @_FreezeTag What could possibly be the next move for an artist whose name rings through the city, state, and country? How about building his own imprint/collective, which is exactly what Freeze-Tag did with Long Division Recordings, his creation and very own imprint. Freeze-Tag (Marcus Alan Ward) sets out to showcase a collective of all forms of media and invention and knows this is exactly the way to do so. Currently on the roster are artists Freeze-Tag and Cleveland DJ and Experimental/Post HipHop Producer Corey Grand. Grand recently released the visual for 'Lucid Dream/Cold Wax' via the imprint. Affiliates of the imprint include Chris Patrick (of, Noah Traylor, and Brad Puette (Sound Engineer of Freeze-Tag's recordings). Freeze-Tag is set to release his album 'Last Night I Grew Tentacles' through the imprint digitally, with plans for vinyl distribution in the works. We will keep you updated with all things Long Division Recordings has in the works and updates with the artists involved. In the meantime check out Freeze-Tag's latest release 'You Do'.