veeno_imfromcleveland_pic We have reached week 3 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to Veeno. He definitely wins for best photo so far! Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us:

1. Greetings fellow Clevelanders, Ohioans and people all over the world. My name is Veeno if you do not already know me as an artist or personally, but here is a small sample of who I am outside of music. I enjoy long walks inside of Tower City and the Horseshoe Casino on Sunday afternoons. Whenever I’m not working on music, I’m usually watching a random re-run of Workaholics, Entourage or Boardwalk Empire. I have a pretty good size DVD & Blu Ray collection that seems to grow by the day. My favorite movie ever is Casino. This is totally random but I want to learn how to play the piano in the near future, it’s an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn. On a few Sundays throughout the football season you can probably find me tailgating throughout random parking lots in Cleveland when the Browns play at home. The colors brown and orange definitely pump through my veins. Cheeks are always on my mind, and thirst traps are the death of me. I live for tall glasses of Christmas Ale and shots of Jameson at any local random watering hole or at a house party with a 30 block of high life. Welcome to my life.

2. My biggest influences list is probably pretty long so I’ll give provide the short version. I feel the artists that influence and inspire me the most are Eminem, Jay –Z, Nas, UGK, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kid Cudi and J Cole. By influence I don’t necessarily mean that my music sounds like any of these artists, what I mean is these artists inspired me tremendously in some way shape or form to create music. When I hear the music these artists create it inspires me to try “out-do” my own self and reach that level one day. I put a lot of heart and soul into my music so I have a lot of respect for fellow artists that do the same.

3. I work with a pretty close group of talented artists locally here in Cleveland. I always enjoy working with my KushNERD homies DJ Swerve, ZuP & Patrenzo Kennedy. I’m all about pushing the boundaries with music so I would like to work with local hip hop/rock band The Dangerous Colors on something soon. I would also like to work Danny London and Freeze Tag again on my next project. Ghost Noises and Archie Green are two other local artists/producers I’d like to work with some day soon, both of those guys are pretty cool and have dope sounds. Outside of Cleveland an artist I would like to work with is Action Bronson. I dig his music and since we both take pride in our beards any track we make would be an instant classic.

4. I have an upcoming show at The Agora on Saturday December 28th for the 4th annual New Years Beat Down. Artists/bands also featured on this show are Trap House Rave, Audio Engine, The Dangerous Colors, Bring Down The Sky, Two Muffin Rabbit and DJ Nasty. I always bring a drummer; live DJ and 110% to ALL of my live performances so I promise it will be well worth the $8 admission. I love to meet new fans so feel free to come and enjoy some great local music! My debut album “Myself As I Know It” can be purchased and streamed on iTunes, iTunes Radio, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, X Box Music and bandcamp. You can also find my past releases at, and

Follow him on Twitter: @VeenoHAMZ