PFV The website is starting a series where we will be featuring a new artist every week. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. Our first artist goes by the name of PFV. He chose to discuss topics such as his hobbies, biggest influences, and which local artists he would like to work with. Hit the break and check out what he had to say below! Interested in being featured next? Email us: My hobbies include rewatching the whole entire series of "Breaking Bad" over and over again because I'm so sad that it's over, I love to drink wine and watch movies, play the occasional old school video game, and though I do rap- I like to play my guitar. I spend so much time working on music though, that I don't add in time for much else. In that whole "work really hard now so it's not as hard later" training phase. My biggest influences are Slaughterhouse (Specifically Royce Da 5'9) and I had a huge influence from 2000's alternative rock bands. Now though, every time I hear a new Kendrick Lamar or Tech N9ne song I get hype to write something new and innovative. Locally, I really love working with LDG. I have worked with him on two different songs and performed countless shows with him- all which have been a blast. He's one of the only local artists who I really make it a point/ goal to work with on at least one song on any given project. I really also enjoy working with Cryptic Wisdom because he makes crazy good hooks that just cement songs together- like an underground T Pain without the auto-tune. I've already got a song with Hopsin, so next on the list is to do a song with Yelawolf just so everyone will shut up with the comparisons. Lol. Follow PFV on Twitter here: @mattPFV Check out his website as well: