We are now at week 18 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to Murda Mar. Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com. Some of my hobbies include video games, mixing and making music and performing. When I have a concert and I’m on stage I am the happiest. I love the reaction from the crowd and I love the energy that the crowd brings. Performing really humbles me and makes me smile therefore I always give 100% on stage whether there is 5 or 500 people in the crowd. My biggest influences would be Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne. Cudi gave a completely different outlook on life. His music taps into emotions that most music cant. He isn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind and has helped people all over the world through his music. I respect him to the utmost. Lil Wayne is a big influence to me because he changed hip-hop. Wayne is one of the most hardworking artists in the world. He has also paved the way for many other great artists. His music will forever be great. I would like to work with Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, and Wiz Khalifa. There are a lot more famous artists that I would also like to work with. The artists I mentioned are ones that are on the top of my list. Locally, I would like to work with any artists that are grinding for something they love. If someone else is passionate about music like I am I’m definitely down to make some music with him or her. I am Murda Mar born in Cleveland, Ohio and I moved out to Cuyahoga Falls when I was around 10 years old. I grew up in a neighborhood called Prange Drive. Prange Drive is the place where I had my most memorable life experiences. PD is the place where I wrote my 1st rap. PD Boyz is my group including BK, CT, Suttles P, Venom and many more. We are working to make great music that everyone can relate to! Enjoy this ride. This is only the beginning. Im simply here to put on for Ohio with dope music! Murda Links: