We are now at week 14 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to Microwave Red. Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com. 1. Hobbies: When i'm not working on music ,I'M GETTING MONEY flat out i really dont have time for no hobbies , i do like to play tunk, or spades and shoot dice (456) but i only do that for money so i really dont consider that a hobby, waaaay to busy chasing this dream. As a wise man once rapped "You dont work You dont Eat You dont grind You dont Shine" feel me f*ck a hobby ,i need a hunded million legally 2. Influences I rap about what i live , things i see , things i've done ,so i'm influenced by not wanting to end up in dead or in jail. i was already shot in the stomach in 2007 in a failed car jacking so that was more then enough to get me focused on my goals. Music wise tho Jay Z, old jezzy , bone and most recent rip to the homie doe b 3. Who you would like to work with (local & nationally) Nobody, locally i have worked with everybody that i mess with 3,4,5 times already. as far as national i would have liked to work with Doe B other than that nobody cause i have to know you 100 to work with you and most of them industry trigs be jake 4. Anything Else? I want it all lol nawl but serious i do ,i am going to provide away for my team to eat off this music whop cause at the end of the the day this the tool God gave me to fish with.When its all said and done i will be responsible for bringing the world Whop Muzik, I will be the voice of the streets ,I will show the world cleveland can hold our own just like atl, chicago , LA, and new york and i want is for the people to do is listen Twitter: @MirowaveRed