We are now at week 17 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to LLA_DAME. Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com. Background Ive been making music since about 2009 , but i didn't really get serious with it until 2012. at first it just started with me my bro AO makin songs on his laptop after school lol, then i got my own equipment and just started going nuts. when 2012 rolled around i finally realized that i was blessed with a musical talent that not many posses. so started investing in myself, when i first started i had no help or anyone too turn 2 so i decided to build not only a team but a brand! i made name for myself thru local events & youtube mainly. later that year i ended up merging my brand with my long time homie DLo & sum friends from college and we became the local cleveland movement #BlockBorn. In 2013 we linked up and started hitting this studio out in Akron called Central 8 , where we made countless hits and we haven't looked back since! while BlockBorn more so is my label , i still have a separate brand & movement Called "LLA" which means "Live Life Aggressive" and that means live life to the fullest extent with no regrets and never dwell on the past! I love my city and the grimey atmosphere that surrounds it, its all i know. thats why it my goal in life to be as rich as i possibly can be and keep my city in the spotlight, a lot of people sleep on us in in all actuality we have some the most amazing talent in the world blooming right under their noses, our only downfall is No one supports one another & nobody works together...but Thats where i come in at! im looking to "REPAINT THE LOCAL RAP SCENE" and bring some life and energy to this city like they never seen before! my latest project is titled "Straight Riches, No Glory" i'm guaranteed to rock the whole state with this one! just watch & see! 1. Hobbies: Making dope music, Playing NBA 2K, Chilling with my daughter, and smoking the finest Herb. 2. Influences: My biggest influence I would have to day would be my pops. He is the hardest working man alive. He taught me if I want something to always go and get it! Music wise, a few influences would have to be Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, J Cole, and I recently started fu***n' with YG. 3. Local Collaboration: On the local side its only a select few. Because the rest of the local rap scene is trash to many wannabes & posers! But I do want to work with Ray Jr, MGK, Fly Tye, Pooh Gutta, Doe Boy, and Drama from LoyalAlways. I also wanna link up and make sum more bangers wit my nigga Dnel from Major Gwop, s/o to em that N**ga be grindin his ass off lml. Non-Local: Jose Guapo, Lil Durk, YG, and Dough Boyz CashOut. 4. Anything Else? I will be releasing a local clothing line very soon, im not going to go into details just yet, were still getting the paper work & stuff done but it should be up running no later then fall 2014. #JustWaitOnIT Twitter: @xDAMEx