GHOST IMFROMCLEVELAND We are now at week 4 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to Ghost Noises. Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us: Hello Cleveland! I go by the name of Ghost Noises. I am honored to receive this very prestigious award of "Artist of the Week". Ever since I was a wee child waning away the lazy afternoons in a wicker basket of bruised pears, I dreamed of achieving such a lofty goal. I was born in the back of a Nicaraguan fruit stand to two loving parents, both of whom were traveling Jack Nicholson impersonators. After rising to power as Nicaragua's premier arena magician at the tender age of 12 and a half, I abandoned a career of success, wealth and adoration to begin life as a rapper, where I now have a career full of success, wealth and adoration. Upon coming to America, I traveled the land far and wide spreading the rich knowledge that the rap game hath given me. As you probably know, I once coined the phrase 'cheese pizza'. I also once saved popular rapper Chingy's life by pulling him off the side of a cliff. Chingy had underestimated the rocky terrain and was near the brink of self-immolation. From afar, I had heard a familiar 'yelp', and ran to pull the "Holidae In" entertainer from his demise, but was surprised to discover the man had been Chingy, and not J-Kwon, as I had anticipated. Regardless, Chingy was bursting with gratitude, and gladly sang J-Kwon's smash hit "Tipsy" as payment for me saving his life. I was glad that he knew the words. I have a sponsorship deal with Lunchables; you can expect to see my face on all "Bologna with Cheddar Cheese Cracker Stackers" Lunchables Packages starting 3Q 2014. It's part of their "Get Healthy with Ghost Noises" campaign. I am also sponsored by Stroh's non-alcoholic beer beverages and Hydrochloric Acid. As far as the Cleveland scene goes, I've collaborated with some fantastic, uncompromising talent here both as a rapper and a producer. I give the Three Seas / KEYEL / Heart & Sole camp credit for getting me in the local game, and I'm part of the ALLOY-X label, among them Urbindex, A/V, Smoke Screen, and many other great local talents in the electronic and hip-hop worlds. I'm probably most well-known around these parts for the SMOKE NOISES collaborative album with Smoke Screen, which you can download here… as far as collaborations go, I've worked with most all of my favorite Cleveland artists, but I'd love to work with Pablo Amor, Boards of Canada, Anthony Naples, The Alchemist, Clipse, Tiger Ty, 1973-era Todd Rundgren, and Tim Vocals. You can expect a few more videos and surprises following the SMOKE NOISES project, but following that I will have a bevy of solo releases for 2014. My next album is going to be an instrumental concept album about the I-X Indoor Amusement Park, written for oboe, pan-flute, and kazoo. One day I hope to have enough financial clout to buy Parmatown Mall and restore it to its former glory. I'd also like to request that all clothing companies give me free rap clothes for being a rapper, and for whoever owns the "Hang 10" turtle statue from the old Geauga Lake please contact me so I can buy it and put it in my studio. Thanks for checking me out, it's really appreciated. If you really want to know what Ghost Noises is about, you've got to check out the live show - I highly recommend you all meet us at the Grog Shop on January 10th for the SMOKE NOISES show with DO$EMONEY and DJ Corey Grand. Check out some tracks below and have a blessed, blessed, wonderful, disease-free day - GHOST Follow him on Twitter: @GhostNoises Facebook