lorine chia Twitter: @FamFamous, @LorineChia Don’t miss this hidden gem thats fallen into the dust of the last chapter of the NVRCH legacy. NVRCH has lots of new projects gearing up for release, but in the meantime figured we could bask in the glory of this record right here. “Trouble” was recorded a few months prior to my introducing Chance The Rapper to Nate Fox, which took certain level of finagling on my part to say the least, and right before Nate and Lorine began working on their first debut project together LORINE To me this classic song captures a magical point in time, right before a collective of young creatives went on to bigger and better things. Personally, no current work in progress or past successes could never take away the magic this record carries with it. For those who have never heard take a listen and I hope you enjoy. Via Elevator Mag