ezzy Twitter: @EverythingEzzy Last night I stopped by the listening party for Ezzy's upcoming project "Everything Ezzy" which took place at Focused Tattoo in downtown Cleveland. By the time the event got started it was a full house of Ezzy's supporters which ranged from all ages of family and fans. Ezzy wasted no time as he addressed the crowd letting them know how appreciative he was that everyone came out. Throughout the night the young rapper played all the tracks that are currently set to appear on the mixtape. In between songs he spoke his mind on certain issues such as George Zimmerman, the importance of life, and his relationship with God. Also previewed at the listening party was one of Ezzy's upcoming music videos which he said was more like a short film that contrasts the difference between a rich kid and a poor kid. Ezzy wasn't alone on the stage all night. While previewing his already released track "Fly," Ezzy invited the young fellow Cleveland artist Alex Angleo to share the stage so the crowd could put a face to the voice singing the hook. Booby also made his way in front of the crowd, as he is featured on one of the mixtape tracks along with local singer Sean McGee. That track was personally one of my favorites I heard during the event, so I suggest keeping an eye out for it. The last, but certainly not the least of the guests that Ezzy had make an appearance on stage with him was his mom. It was at that moment he performed a heartfelt song full of confessions letting his listeners know that he is only human like the rest of us. I'm looking forward to the official release of "Everything Ezzy." The Cleveland rapper seems to have found his sound with this tape (including the use of autotune, which most rappers can't pull off, but Ezzy definitely does).