Twitter: @EverythingEzzy Everything Ezzy is 17-year-old artist, Ezzy's, sophomore project. Prior to this project, he released It's Ezzy on April 20th, 2012. Since then, throughout these two years, Ezzy has grown, not only as an artist, but as a person overall. Everything Ezzy is no more than an audio diary written and recorded by a teenage kid growing up in an environment full of racism, classism, and materialism. It simply expresses his struggle against the desire to do what's wrong and his knowledge of the importance of doing what's right. Ezzy shows his versatility as an artist throughout this project by killing various different kinds of beats and melodies. For example, he makes a statement right from the get go with his first track, "Wake Up" that has a heavy bass with a rock theme. His second track "Bin Stylin" was the first single off of Everything Ezzy which appeared on the popular mixtape BIFC 3. His second single off the tape "Bet That" was featured on #TheCosign as one of the best twelve songs in the city of Cleveland. I highly recommend listening to the entire album, and when you do, you will find out the most important thing to Ezzy in his life is his family.

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"This kid prophesied his future"

billard AMEN click here to listen Click the image above to listen to Billard's new banger "Amen."