Twitter: @everythingezri be right back is a VERY highly anticipated EP by Cleveland rapper Ezri. There's what seems to be an unending list of accomplishments since he last put out a full-length project in 2014. The world really started paying attention to Ezri when his Sway In The Morning Freestyle went VIRAL. It left co-host Heather B in tears because she was so emotionally inspired by his story. The following year Ezri landed a lead role in the movie "The Land." He had multiple songs appear on the film's tracklist as well. Ezri's acting career had just begun. However, soon after it was announced that he would be appearing on multiple episodes of FOX's show Empire. If that's not enough, Ezri would soon sign to Nas' label Mass Appeal. This really opened up some doors for his career. Since his signing, Ezri has been seen hanging out with rap stars like Vic Mensa, Ty Dolla $ign & KYLE. In his song "Be Right Back," Ezri hints at the fact that both Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole enjoy his music and have personally given him advice about life and his career. It's damn near impossible for us to include everything Ezri has done in the past few years. The point is, he is currently in the best position since he began his rapping career at the age of 11. be right back is an EP that is sure to gain the attention of the industry now that all eyes are on him! The 9 track EP starts out with a skit.. where Ezri's father explains to him that everything he does is a direct reflection to the family - but more specifically his father himself. We've known for years the impact that Ezri's family has had on him, and the young rapper doesn't stray away from shining the light on that fact in this project. There is no denying Ezri's song-writing, which is up to par with anyone else in the game right now. It's just a matter of time until the world is bumpin' this!

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Below is a video that I'm From Cleveland put together to showcase the rise of Ezri's career since a young child! Author: John Stursa