Twitter: @DJCoreyGrand On the eve of the release of his new project Bathed In Light, ImFromCleveland is excited you an exclusive interview as our own Swerve took some time to sit down with Corey Grand and pick his brain on concepts about music, the state of Cleveland, his inspirations, and a closer look into the project. Be sure to stop back tomorrow to pick up Bathed In Light and in the meantime check out his previously released single 'No One Loves A Paradox'. Q: First what drove to you make the move to start making your own sound and stepping away from the tables? A: When I really start listening to artists like Flying Lotus, Brain Feeders camp and some of my own peoples music, I thought it’d be interesting to take my experience and put it into music. I was really impressed with how Fly Lo gave you an experience like you were watching a movie. I really just want to be able give people that experience through my stories and sounds. Q: We’ve used terms like post hip-hop, psychedelic jazz, space music, to describe your sound, how would you describe it? A: its really hard to answer that cause i really don’t believe in labels or genres as corny as that sounds. thats the problem with music because people try to box you in, i could come out with the most electronic joint today, then a hiphop joint tomorrow, then a jazz joint after that. I don’t like people feeling like they know what you can make only I can say what music I can make. Q: We know you’re a Flying Lotus fan and we can definitely see some of that in your work, what draws you to that sound? A: The first time I listened to him it was like ‘man i didnt even know music like this exists’ it was really inspiring to see a person put music together in that fashion. You can listen from beginning to the end of his album and feel so many emotions throughout. I never really got that from other albums i’ve listened to. If i was Basquiat or Andy Warhol whatever im giving to the people is a piece of me. Thats my way of sharing my experiences and what i believe in to the world. I just feel like Fly Lo does that with his music. Q: What’s it been like since making the move to Long Division? A: Me and Marcus (Marcus Alan Ward) came together and we see all these indie labels and all these artists that are putting out music through their own imprint so we decided to link up and build our own brand. Its been good cause we hit up blogs and A&R’s and shit it benefits us, because its under that source. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, and also its getting the people in the bigger markets a taste of what cleveland has to offer. So when i hit up someone in LA, Chicago, NYC, we’re giving them that based out of Cleveland, what Cleveland has to offer. Q: The great thing about Bathed In Light is how it smooth it runs, it’s similar to running through a dream and everything just magically fits together. What do you credit this to? A: Just i guess more so when i listen to an album I’m looking for an experience im really big on that. Being able to flow from beginning to end. The first album i really heard was that was like that was from the dream (LoveHate), it literally flowed together song to song. I think its amazing when you can put together a flow like that. It just gives it a different feel. Q: Where do you think this music fits into a local and national scene? A: Honestly, I feel like it fits in anywhere with anybody that has no problem opening up their mind. Just people that you know, arent close minded, they can also visualize music, thats the biggest thing i ever learned. If i can visualize music it really turns me on. Thats just not like anything else, if you can really open your mind i think this is something to check out. I know not everyone is going to like and I’m perfectly fine with that i don’t make popular music. Q: You’ve done some production work lately whats that experience been like? How are the artists adapting to your sound? A: Its really actually hard for me to create music for artists especially rappers. Most of the time when i create i come to the table with no game plan in mind. Typically man, i never had a really good time trying to create something for an artist. usually i’ll make something i like personally and send it out and if someone latches on to it, then cool. I’ve created beats with Twizz from ThreeSeas and we were able to work a whole project with King Vada, thats the direction i think im headed working on whole projects with artists. I’d rather do that then piecing out a single track to someone i’ve never met. Q: Who are your go to ears when you are stuck on something in the studio? A: Twizz or Marcus. Marcus is like a self taught musician he’ll hear things i wouldnt be able to hear. Twizz is real crazy when it comes to working with drums. Those are the two i’d go with and probably my favorite two people to work with honestly. Q: What’s it been like being one of the artists that is helping shape new sounds in a city that has sounded the same for so long? A: It feels good im really ecstatic about it, it just goes back to what i said about letting people know that we do have this going on in cleveland. On the surface a lot of the people that represent us are mainstream rappers. I just want to let people know what we have going on here which is some interesting artists whether thats Smoke Noises or Marcus or Lorine, i think we have some great artists here who arent necessarily getting the attention they deserve. Im just happy to be apart of that movement. Q: The artwork is amazing, was this your concept or the artists? A: typically when i work with artists for cover art i like to choose artists based on somewhat of the direction i go with the project for this project its experimental so my dude Chad(CHADerone) did the art. I knew he would do a great job of depicting the music through art. I played the album twice and he called me that night with some artwork he had cut up already. He does collage art and i immediately fell in love with it. It wasnt technically my idea but i chose him because i knew he’d do it justice. Q: Whats next for you? A: back to the lab working on the next project im going to work on a short film in which im going to use a lot of the music from the project on it. Constantly creating man be back working on the next project. Q: We always see you in the ‘Ohio Against the World’ merch, what does that phrase mean to you? A: Ohio against the world what that means to me is basically letting people know what Ohio represents as a whole. I don’t think a lot of people have an idea of what Ohio has to offer, what Cleveland has to offer? I think we have the potential to take our talents to other parts of America, shit the world, for me its really letting people know what Ohio has to offer the world. Q: Is there an older artist/DJ/etc that has helped you make the right decisions with your music? A: Knyce man, i probably wouldnt be where im at if it wasnt for Knyce. i went to highschool with his sister and i recently bought my set up and posted it online and his sister saw it and showed it to him and we connected on that and we’ve built. He’s told me some mistakes hes made and told me the right ways to do so i didnt make the same mistakes. I'd like to try something, I’ll ask a question and you say the first thing that pops in your head. Favorite Food: Tacos Favorite movie: Goodfellas Favorite designer: Stussi Megan Fox or Megan Good: Megan Good Jaden Smith or Diggy Simmons? Diggy Simmons just because he has history with me. I’ve heard more stuff. 2 Chainz or Titty Boi: 2 Chainz Serato or Traktor? Serato Kendrick Lamar or Drake? Kendrick One artist you’d want to work with? Eryka Badhu You only get to wear one style of shoe the rest of your life what shoe is it? Black Cement 3 Beer or Liquor? Beer iPhone or Android? iPhone yung heir Listen to Yung Heir's latest mixtape "I'm Leanin" by clicking the image above!