Twitter: @imericrivera Eric Rivera sets the tone for this nine track masterpiece with a Jay-Z sample that talks about creating a buzz without any major label backing. The Cleveland Songwriter and Recording Artist plans to do just that with his debut EP titled "Primero," which is Spanish for "first." With features from Javier Montoya, Selena, and Ripp Flamez, Rivera added extra ordnance to help tell his story. Songs like "Listo" are loaded with braggadocious, fast paced lyrics while songs like "Talk Nice" slow the tempo down and put you in your feels. Needless to say, the man is versatile. "Primero" is a project for music lovers. One that fuses Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B into one and one that should be listened to in one sitting. Enjoy "Primero" on any major platform today! Don't miss out on this spotlighted up and coming artist. To see this project performed live, along with a brand new single, come to Stella's Music Club (2217 E. 9th St.) on Thursday, Jun. 27 @ 9PM. Admission is free!