Twitter: @EazyElLoco Eazy El Locos 6 song project "Loco Spumoni" is some something different. I hear similar characteristics to other Ohio artists, but Eazy sticks out. This project is all slow vibe tracks which I don't mind at all. It's nice to move away from hearing all banger tracks on a project and slow it down. Theirs a blend between old R&b and the new modern day R&b with some rap as well. The spacey instrumentals are becoming more and more popular now a days, but with these instrumentals they're more upbeat with a little dark vibe to them. I do like that the title is inspired by the 90's cartoon Hey Arnold, where Dino Spumoni is featured as the popular Jazz musician of the time and if I'm not mistaken that the samples are from that exact episode. All around I feel its a well put together project and definitely something I can listen to on a late night drive or just chillen with some friends.

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