Twitter: @EazyElLoco Eazy El Loco is making sure you don't leave him out of any conversation when you mention his hometown, Dayton, OH. Loco gives us a collection of good vibes all wrapped up into a 9 track EP titled "A Beautiful Ass Day." With two projects so far this year, he has established his smooth and spacey sounding songs into a lot of music lover's hearts and ears. Loco's newest drop includes features from Yung King, Louie&Friends, and Joei Razook. Loco had this to say to his listeners;
With all of the events occurring in the world, sometimes we need an escape.
Something that will make us forget about the negativity around us.
Something that will make us appreciate the good things in life.
Even if it’s just for a brief moment in time.
That is what I wanted to accomplish with this project.
Have A Beautiful Ass Day
- Eazy El Loco
The EP can be streamed via SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Stream below; bifc