E-V releases the official music video to “GoodTime” featuring Lorine Chia and Machine Gun Kelly. Lorine Chia’s vocals dominate the majority of the song, with her smooth yet powerful voice which has hints of reggae and a slight resemblance to Adele. This offers a nice summer vibe to the song with her voice mixing with the upbeat EDM production. Chia is not the only one to stand out on this track though. After the drop the production cools down for MGK to come in and add some heat with his fast-paced delivery and clever lyrics. GoodTime offers a flawless mix between EDM and Hip-Hop, and will definitely leave you wanting to hear more. Whether it be cruising down the road or turning up at a pool party, this song will definitely provide. So check it out above and get ready for a GoodTime! “Everything I have accomplished so far has led me to this point in my music career. I have been crafting my sound and have developed a lot of new material over the past couple months. "GoodTime" is the first release of MANY to come. I cannot wait to share my work with everyone. Big thanks to my friends Lorine Chia and MGK for killing it on this track! This is going to be a very exciting year… I ask that you become part of the rEVolution. LETS GOO!!!!” Also I wanna thank everyone who helped make this video! Danny Manhattan, Ian Moore, Jon Mancinetti, Michael Joseph, Lorine Chia, MGK, EST 19XX, EarthShake MGMT, Glen Infante, Mike Kijanski, Ben Schigel, Chaz Jackson, Stephanie Shepherd and everyone else who helped THANK YOU! all eyez on me video Click the image above to watch Billard's new video for "All Eyez On Me" featuring Machine Gun Kelly.